Collaborating seamlessly with employees is a must. While companies have started to embrace work from home and remote working policies, business leaders are worried about accountability, collaboration and effective employee engagement. GCR’s ‘Workforce Collaboration’ suite helps managers to better collaborate with co-workers and teams using a mobile app. With over 200 ready-to-use apps and services, GCR’s platform is a powerful tool that helps you to connect, collaborate, engage and share as a community by leveraging on communication enablers from one place.

GCR’s Workforce Collaboration solution helps in
  • Picking apps that suit your team’s workflows
  • Creating a Smart digital workplace
  • Connecting with employees as a family

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Key Features

Plug and Play

Digitize any process as you go

Add new features or modify workflows instantly

Engage with employees with any time, anywhere

Track daily tasks with incredible ease and accuracy

Integrates seamlessly with ERPs, Payment gateways, legacy systems etc.


One Platform for your entire business

Bring all disconnected 3rd party apps and people onto a single, connected platform

Increase in management optimization

Stop wasting time on basic, manual and repetitive tasks

Boosting employee connect and morality

Better 2 way communication of leaders with employees and vice-versa

Usage of Workforce Collaboration solution

Usage of Workforce Collaboration solution

  • Sales ( Lead management, Location management, Field force management, Actionable analytics )
  • Finance ( Budget and Expense management, Field collection management, Order management )
  • HR ( Attendance, leave and timesheets, Employee engagement, Recruitment and Onboarding )

The Smart Digital Workforce Solution

The Workforce Collaboration solution is a no-code digital transformation platform that has been designed for you to better collaborate with teams, manage productivity and engage efficiently with your employee force.

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