Wi-Fi Marketing to Grow and Support any Business and Generate Revenue

Wi-Fi Monetisation Solution is a revolution in lead generation and social marketing. It is an advanced software platform for managing running marketing campaigns on Wi-Fi access in private and public areas like hotels, malls, cafes, restaurants, airports, etc. By implementing B2B2C monetisation strategies, anyone can be benefited from Wi-Fi Offload and free Wi-Fi access to a temporary user base on the go

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Key Features

Login by SMS & Facebook-based

Bulk ticket generation for instant access

Dual ISP support for redundancy

Customised Login portals

Secured access for wireless users

Location-specific branding, offers, and promotions


Helps lower the operational costs

Eliminates coverage gaps

Secure, easy & automatic

Improves Customer Experience

Maximizes revenue potential

Cost & Time effective

Usage of Wi-Fi monetisation

Usage of Wi-Fi monetisation

  • Malls & Departmental Stores
  • Food & Beverages, Travel & Tourism
  • Bank, Information Technology & Trade
  • Health care & Education
  • Airlines, Marine & Railroads

Monetisation of Wi-Fi in Different Ways

Wi-Fi Monetisation is widely deployed by various sectors with an objective to improve customer experience and increasingly drive customer engagement and behavioral insights. GCR’s Wireless Hotspot Solutions provides many alternative ways for hospitality venues to provide Wi-Fi access, from self-registration methods such as social media login to on-demand account creation with the ticket printer. The Wi-Fi monetisation Login Portal and in-service Advertisement opens a new stream of earning focused on Digital marketing. Detailed analytics report of user views, user regions can be provided to a partner who is advertising his product and services.

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