Raise the bar for virtual classrooms with live classes, recordings and annotations

GCR enables schools and educational institutions to facilitate video-based virtual learning that is real-time and personalized thus transforming learning into a continuous engaging experience. Educators can conduct unlimited and live interactive online classes to a classroom capacity of 1000 learners.

The sessions can be broadcasted live or recorded and then distributed among the students. Thus, it becomes an on-demand learning platform for students to access content anytime anywhere. But during real-time interaction with students, a teacher can initiate polls, questions, and address queries generated through a ‘Hand raise' option. In some of the solution variants, we have pre-configured the CBSE & ICSE syllabus for the teacher to create the content and prepare notes.

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Key Features

Session Capture

Audio-Video recording of the complete classroom experience

Live Streaming

Expand the reach of a classroom beyond the physical boundaries

Content Rich

Ready access to unlimited curated content for K-12 from major boards namely CBSE, ICSE

Content Library

Comprehensive Video Content Management System and In-Video Search

Integrated Whiteboard

Collaborative canvas enabling blended learning

Online Assessment

Using multiple choice, text box and true-false question


Students never miss out on a session with anytime anywhere access

Saves Teachers’ time in content creation and assessment

Students can learn at their own pace accessing recorded sessions

Gain knowledge through content-rich sessions that are easier to understand

Open up a new revenue opportunity for institutes in digital learning era

Improves students performance with personalized assessment reports

Usage of Virtual Learning

Usage of Virtual Learning

  • Primary and Secondary school
  • Higher education institutes including B-schools, Engineering, and Medical colleges
  • Private coaching institutes
  • Competitive exam coaching institutes
  • Organizations dealing in Online Learning platform

Widen Audience reach using Virtual Sessions,
empower educators and learners alike

With technological advancements, new business avenues have opened up for the institutes by creating virtual academic programs. GCR is pleased to introduce a world-class Virtual Classroom Solution that is a perfect platform to extend the classroom to online learners. The educator can live-stream or push recorded content on the platform and interact in real-time with students through live chat and discussions. Serves as a great tool to connect classrooms within or across facilities, learners can view sessions and communicate with the educator in real-time from different campuses. Learners can watch live lectures from home, or any other comfortable location and on any device.

Some of our solution variants come with an inbuilt whiteboard tool where teachers can drag and drop any form of content like audio, video, text, and images, making session quality content-rich. Learners can get access to the session videos and course materials before the class for beforehand preparation. Institutes can also conduct online exams with multiple choice type questions and track student's understanding of the topic and performance.

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