Cloud-Based Platform For Real-Time Interactive Session

This Cloud-Based Communication Solution empowers you to establish and manage an instant web-based interactive conference room through the management console. Simpler and Faster conferences can be achieved without complex dial-in codes, and screens can be shared wirelessly with all participants.

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Key Features

Works on any operating system

No software installation is required

Access all features & functionalities through a browser

Can be used for Video calling & Voice recording

Supports Text chat & Messaging

Analytics & User Authentication


Real-time Interactive Session

Web-enabled Browser

Cost-effective & Time-saving Solution

Schedule a meeting on the Meeting Scheduler

Key encrypted messages enhancing Security

Screen Sharing & File Sharing

Usage of Video Conferencing

Usage of Video Conferencing

  • Meetings or Collaborations
  • Online Teaching
  • Webinars
  • Product Demos
  • One-on-One Training and Support
  • Distance Diagnostics
  • Legal Environment

The Best Video Conferencing Platform

Whether you are a beginner or a technology genius, when it comes to Seamless Interactive Conference Session, you look for an advance user-friendly control solution to suit all your Interactive AV Conference needs. As locations may vary between corporate boardrooms to hotel guest suites, airport lounges, training rooms to operating theatres, and others, we understand that the need will differ greatly. Our platform is a live video conferencing software for professional video conferencing. It enables its users to use the power of real-time communications across various platforms, and developers to integrate the services of this platform with ease.

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