Transforming Learning Spaces

  • GCR
  • February 10, 2020

For any society to progress, imparting education in the most effective way is critical. IoT plays a very important role in this information exchange, encouraging learning in an interactive and secure environment. According to a report by Markets and Markets research Pt. Ltd. Global IoT in education market is expected to increase to 11.3 billion by 2023.

Access to quality content, reports on the progress made by the students, student safety, easy management of devices are few of the important parameters to evaluate the credibility of any educational system. Also, an effective IoT solution should make lives easier to all the stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, principal and management. Few solutions leading the IoT bandwagon under the education sector areInteractive Display Board, Virtual Classroom, Digital Notice Board and Signage, Game Based Learning, Coding, Enterprise Mobility Management etc. Using such solutions, schools can convert any wall or white board into an interactive display board and enhance the learning experience.

An online learning environment with an engaging learning experience can be built using virtual classrooms. A digital notice board IoT solution improves the administration of the institution including attendance management, library asset management etc. Schools can now enhance the learning experience through gaming. IoT also finds its application in tracking students, educators and supporting staff within the campus. Monitoring energy consumption and controlling security devices installed in the premises is another application of IoT.

Schools and universities have already started discussions by taking baby steps to implement IoT. All these steps are aligned towards enhancing the learning experience and student engagement by means of technology.

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