Enable Data Driven Decision for Smart Factory

The success for any manufacturing unit is to be up and running and to make most out of the available resources be it equipment or manpower. The optimum utilisation of these resources will result in improved ROI and reduced TCO. However, there are challenges. Blind spots and inefficiencies on the production floor lead to the underutilisation of installed capacity and eventually a production loss. The new era of Industry 4.0- A Smart Factory solution covers a wide range of automated processes and enables plant managers take decisions by using artificial intelligence to close these data and process gaps.

With various sensors installed at the production line, our Shop floor automation solution monitors processes and resources that are in use. Managers can garner real-time analytics on a dashboard for shop floor performance. With an integrated view of the production line and actionable intelligence, plant managers can take quick decisions to improve the production output. Manufacturers can benefit from the optimum utilization of the installed capacity, and real-time analytics of production lines or assembly lines.

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Key Features

Real time machine data acquired using IoT (Industrial IoT)

Downtime Entry and Analysis

Customized alerts and notification based on business parameters

Single Platform for all production insights

Insights for factory health and performance

Integration with Existing Systems


Increase resource productivity by reducing manual data collection

Reduce downtime with real time insights

Meet production plans with streamlined process and reduced deviation

Better ROI with optimum utilisation of installed capacity

With predictive insights improve machine health and performance

Cost reduction with optimised shop floor operations



  • Manufacturing units having
  • discrete lines of production
  • Assembly lines
  • Critical production processes

IoT, Big Data & Analytics - Driven Intelligent Platform

Our Shop Floor Automation platform helps the manufacturing units to improve productivity, reduce redundancy, and justify ROI. Due to manual management of data, there is a high chance of operators missing out on important SOPs, Tasks and Alerts. But with sensors, the machine run time is monitored, and alerts are captured in real-time for a breakdown. The machine operators can record the RCA for the downtime using a panel installed at the floor, thus enabling management to take a corrective course of action to achieve the monthly production plan.

The platform captures insights for idle time, breakdown, quality control charts, TPM loss analysis, KPIs (output numbers, performance and productivity). The data points captured enable managers to make informed decisions through comprehensive dashboards, reports and analytics. The solution is scalable from one to multiple machines with a simple plug-in of photo sensors and panels.

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