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Restaurant Inventory Management Solution (RIMS) – a Cloud-Based software solution for restaurants & centralized kitchens. Using RIMS which is a hugely cost-effective solution, requires very low maintenance, reduce high hardware cost like POS machines & easy access to any kind of information.

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Key Features

Manage Kitchen, Store, & Raw Material

Manage the overall circulation of food

Get Feedback based on the items ordered

Track Inventory to prevent wastage & theft

Live Reporting eliminates data-tampering

Reporting and analytics insights into the restaurant business


Boost sales & prevent losses

Optimize the supply chain

Aids inventory wastage

Forecast food cost

Low budget & easy billing

Ultimate security over cloud access

Usage of Restaurant Inventory Management Solutions

Usage of Restaurant Inventory Management Solutions

  • Real-time alerts
  • Manages recipe across outlets
  • Automates the supply chain
  • Ensures graphical reports
  • Streamline operations
  • Enables bulk orders

The Cloud-Based Restaurant Inventory Management Solution

This Cloud-based Restaurant Inventory purchasing and management app offers a streamlined procurement system, delivery tracking, and accounting. It tracks the cost of goods sold, examines entire purchase history and stays on top of your inventory

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