Leverage skills and improve job performance through a qualitative learning experience

Micro e-learning is an ideal solution for both small & large firms who want to manage their organisational training or knowledge in the form of ongoing learning. This platform helps to identify, evaluate & enhance knowledge of the workforce from time-to-time. It is available in various languages.

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Key Features

Shorter & Qualitative content

Tailor-made course activities

Hierarchy-based monitoring by region, area, territory

Strengthens SOPs, product knowledge & employee evaluation system

Multilingual language as per choice

Data-rich surveys from employees & customers


Data-rich surveys from employees & customers

Easy to understand & Retain Knowledge

Improve job performance & Overall productivity

Wider reach of communication without high cost

Implement your SOPs

Push content from a PC to an unlimited number of remote screens

Usage of GCR Mobile Learning

Usage of GCR Mobile Learning

  • On-Job activities
  • Insightful Data Surveys
  • Enhances overall productivity
  • Sets course lessons
  • Strengthens customer service
  • Intensifies safety & compliance

The Continuous Flow of Learning

Rapid e-learning materials are easy to implement which allows responding to the unique training needs in real-time, and ensures that workforce training is always ready to adapt to changes in the market or your corporate structure. Our online micro e-learning management system has a unique library facility that helps to simplify access to various SOPs and relevant documents, thus employees can efficiently conduct the on-job activities with improved performance.

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