The Future of Retail: Next-Generation Intelligent Shelf Displays
GCR's Intelligent Shelf Display Solution for retail is designed to enhance the shoppers experience in an innovative way using IoT. The display serves as a powerful tool to increase the customer's attention span rate by providing dynamic & visual presentations of the products on display.

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Key Features

Audio/Video advertisement capabilities

Play dynamic high definition video content in loop

Drives content, coupon updates & promotions across displays

Allows central & individual management of shelf displays

Multi QR code support

Smart facial recognition for targeted advertising


New product success rate

Video based presentation for greater impact

Retailer benefit from monetizing every inch of shelf space

Raises brand awareness

Intuitive & Enhanced shopping experience for customers

Increase in customer attention span rate

Usage of GCR Intelligent Shelf Display Solution

Usage of GCR Intelligent Shelf Display Solution

  • Customer behaviour analysis
  • Marketing & Promotional analysis
  • Innovative & Enhanced shopping experience

The Quick-witted Shelf System

The Intelligent Shelf Display Solution boasts of a HD display with camera and a robust centralised content management software at the backend that helps to push dynamic content across all displays serving as a powerful tool for enhanced shopping experience.

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