Field Force Tracking manages & tracks, remote or mobile workforce & tasks anytime & anywhere with a simple mobile-enabled application

Workforce to easily send information, scanned receipts and other crucial information in a standardised and streamlined manner, submit and file expenses, login for attendance via a mobile application. Location tags help to ensure that the job is done at the right place.

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Key Features

Real-time location-based personnel tracking

Remote attendance system

Centralised task manager

Online leave & travel management

Location tagging via location information

Designing your own business templates


Real-time tracking. Contact when required & Stay in control

Assigning tasks via web-based Field Force Command Centre

Extensive reporting via web and mobile notifications

Track & validate requirement of the workforce

Designing your own task modules on the fly

Track the progress on a real-time basis

Usage of field force tracking

Usage of field force tracking

  • Agriculture Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Dairy Products Industry
  • Education Sector
  • Electricity, Gas and Water Supply
  • Food Chain/Delivery Companies
  • Hospitality Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries

The Ideal Field Force Tracking

Field Force Tracking provides real-time access to the current location of the field workforce and smart task management features to empower the field team. This simple cloud-based solution provides the admin control from your PC to assign tasks to the field workforce, and the field workforce will perform tasks with the help of their mobile application on a real-time basis. Field Force Tracking improves the field productivity with its simple user-friendly cloud-based solution and provides strategic cost-cutting, which further ensures superior business growth.

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