Capture contactless attendance for employees in office, on-campus and on-field.

Most workplaces, manufacturing facilities, institutes and government offices use various systems such as biometrics, cards and attendance punching devices to capture an employee’s presence and movement. But due to COVID-19 and the implementation of safety norms at workplaces the current methods will be obsolete. We will witness a new era of a contactless workplace. GCR is at the forefront of introducing technologies and digital tools to manage change and behaviour; something that world now calls the ‘New Normal’.

Facial recognition-based Attendance system, marketed by GCR, comes in two variants one that is an easy-to-install Mobile App that helps employees to log in their attendance anytime anywhere by using their respective smartphones. App captures attendance by facial recognition, indicates movement by geo-location, and provides alerts when social distancing is breached at the workplace.

Another solution variant is Facial Recognition Based Door Access System, which records the attendance, monitors employee temperature and mask detection. Based on the safety parameters access to the premises or area can be granted.

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Key Features

Facial Based Attendance via App on Employee smartphone or Door access system

Alerts for maintaining social distancing

Temperature and Mask compliance monitoring

App Based single touch attendance marking

Task Assignment & completion alerts using APP

Proxy proof authentication

Capture and record GPS location & IPS sensor to provide room level attendance

Buddy Punching for Employee who forgets his own phone using APP

Integration with ERP and HRMS


Promote a safe working environment - Contactless

Eliminate proxy attendance

Error-free - no manual process for timesheet management

Promote paperless workplaces

Real-time information capture - take immediate action in case of non-compliance

Eliminate queue for recording attendance with high speed identification

Usages of Facial Recognition Time and Attendance System

Usages of Facial Recognition Time and Attendance System

  • Offices with multi-location presence
  • Banks
  • Retail stores
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • On-field employees
  • Hospitals
  • Campuses – Institutes and corporates

Make your office premise a safe and smart workplace

Workplaces can now replace the traditional card-based or biometric attendance system with a simple Mobile App or door access system that records attendance using facial recognition a completely contactless solution.

Organisations that has largen number of feet on street can rely on the app base variant which enables assigning tasks and managing HR-related processes like leave management with a simple click from anywhere in the world. Our attendance management software captures the GPS location of the smartphone to ensure the right employee is in the right place. The Mobile App is available for Android and iOS smartphones. The solution can be deployed on-premises on-cloud. Integration with ERP and HRMS allows workplaces to generate customized reports. Along with the implementation of BLE Beacons and location sensors, workplaces can ensure that the social distancing norms are adhered to inside the premises at all times.

For the institutes with multi-location presence or large workforce stationed at indoor premises, the door access system with facial recognition can bounce up the premise safety which can maintain record of 20,000 faces and ensures the critical norms like body temperature and wearing mask adhered by employee before entering inside premises.

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