Accelerate Business Transformation – The Digital Way

  • GCR
  • September 27, 2018

Successful companies across the globe have adopted the digital way to transform their businesses. GCR’s (Global Channel Resources India Pvt. Ltd.) innovative ‘Partners Platform’ is here to create a revolution in organisational change management. GCR’s unique business model of Digital Solution on the online ‘Partners Platform’ architecture is based on PaaS on the top of IaaS which enables business heads to manage multi solutions implementation seamlessly.

The current channel market operates from Solution Partners, Distributors, System Integrators, and Telecom Services Providers, before finally offering the solution to the end-customer. But now, the traditional market channel flow will be shortened to form a direct path from Solution Partners and System Integrators straight to the Managed Service Provider/Telecom Operator and then to the end-customer through GCR’s online ‘Partners Platform’. In short, it connects global Independent Solution Partners (ISVs) with the end-customers, through the skilled IT Managed Service Providers (MSP) or System Integrators (SI), a single technology platform integration of multiple solutions of Multi-function SaaS connected Cloud-based IoT solutions.

About GCR (Global Channel Resource):

GCR is first-of-its-kind partner community portal in India, aims at organising and unifying IoT-based efforts and innovations through a vibrant ecosystem where SIs and partners can attain accelerated business growth. We have over 300 IoT products/solutions positioned through 200+ partners on this platform. This portal is a SaaS connected IoT solutions and networking online B2B partners platform. We collaborate with worldwide cloud-based/networking partner solutions to enable channel partners providing IoT solution and could services.

GCR India (, subsidiary of GCR (, headquartered in Mumbai India, started operation in India in 2018 and has spread over USA, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and few other countries.

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