Manages business and automates back-office work related to technology, services & human.

The ERP Solution which enables to upgrade the standard of any School/College/Hospitals or Institutes at the management level. It also helps in transforming the educational standards by increasing the security system of the school, managing the resources in an efficient way, enabling attendance system, reducing the communication gap between the parents, faculties and management team.

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Key Features

Exam Management

Payroll System

Agnostic to
All Boards

Student & Employee Information Management Syllabus

Extensive Report

Central Dashboard Admin



Easy and Enhanced
organisation of data

Data security


Rapid management

Optimization of
business processes

Usage of GCR Enterprise Resource Planning

Usage of GCR Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Hostel Management
  • Event Gallery
  • Central Dashboard Admin Management
  • Asset Inventory Management
  • Attendance Management

Step into the New Era of Technology

ERP offers easy and various ways to manage data of institutions for proper management of it. Data is managed well and available with a single click of a button. Storing confidential information and huge data is handled securely by ERP software in servers. It has backup systems and thus, all information and data are preserved. With Education ERP, the intensity of flaws in managing these is nearly minimal. Hospital Management Software is specially designed for the daily administration of the Hospital.

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