Are you tired of moving around the store and manually updating paper tags of items in your store? With GCR’s electronic shelf labels, human errors due to paper label printing are avoided and accurate pricing, product details are sent across all channels from a centralized system. As Retail Managers are embracing omnichannel business models, our electronic shelf labels will play an important role in

  • Connecting online/offline channels
  • Synchronising information in real-time
  • Ensuring price updates are instant and accurate

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Key Features

Label with compact and Functional design

Great definition and Perfect visibility

Maximum information with minimum space

Compatible with variety of terminals and platforms

Price, QRcode, Barcode and other messages on one screen

Customized templates and Multiple languages


Increase in Cost Saving

  • Lower Labour costs
  • Lower Operational costs

Increase in management optimization

  • Save 70% workload involved in price/promotion updates etc.
  • Check Product status in real-time

Enhances brand and customer experience

  • Powerful brand booster
  • More content on e-labels increases customer interactions

Usage of Electronic Shelf Labels

Usage of Electronic Shelf Labels

  • Supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, shopping malls
  • Suitable for accessories, perfumes, hygiene and beauty products
  • Perfect for bench top placement
  • Fruit and vegetables, appliance sections

The Electronic Shelf Label Solution

The Electronic Shelf Label Solution has been designed to interact not only to reflect accurate prices/promotions and other details but also to optimize, speed up and improve the efficiency of store activities.

Revolutionize the shopping experience with our Electronic Shelf Labels!

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