The Complete eCommerce Suite for Your Business

Your eCommerce business is a revenue channel and a contributor to your financial topline. Get it Right!

Our suite of eCommerce solutions is designed to deliver an omni-channel online presence for retail stores without any compromise on the backend processes and the end-user experience. We've got all the important aspects of your business covered.

Customer Experience

Administration, Invoicing & Inventory Management

Distribution & Last Mile Delivery


Customer Experience

Create a memorable customer experience for your digital audiences!

Web Store

A combination of web store and order management system that defines what your brand stands for.

Product Catalogue

Multiple Payment Options

Inventory Management

Content Management System

Order Handling & Shipping Management

CRM, Pricing & Marketing Campaigns

Up-sell & Cross-sell Features

Progressive Web Apps that run on mobile devices

Integrations with ERPs & other business applications

Reports & Analytics

Multiple language Options

Customer Profiling & Account Management


Chatbot that assists your customer in making a purchase. Your eCommerce Pe store can integrate with our Chatbot to manage critical and routine tasks. Some of the popular ones are -

Discover Products

Track Orders

Manage Grievances

View Cart & Wishlist items

Managed Services

Keeping an eCommerce website relevant requires a continuous amount of creative fuel. We manage it all for you.

Content Management Services

Updating the Product Catalogue including products and prices

Managing Promotions on the web site

Invoicing Management

Coordinating with Logistics companies for last mile deliveries

Monthly Reports & Analytics

Addressing end customer grievances

Inventory management

Marketing Services

To ensure that there is a continuous customer traction on your web site, our digital marketing experts.

Run PPC Campaigns

Optimize your social media handles

Execute email campaigns and more

Graphic Design

Video Production

Product/ Fashion Photography

Administration, Invoicing & Inventory management

  • ERP

    A comprehensive management tool for easy handling of payments, billing, inventory and other assets within your store.

    • Warehouse management
    • Accounting
    • CRM
    • Integration with POS
  • Asset Tracking at Warehouses and In Transit

    • Reduce theft
    • Optimize stock at warehouses
    • Reduce delays in Pick-up and Drop-time
    • Geo-tag location of assets
    • Safe delivery of assets by using Temperature
      and Vibration sensors

Distribution & Last Mile Delivery

  • Sales force Automation

    Empower your feet-on-street with mobile applications that enable them to update journey plans, capture orders and submit daily reports. We offer Retailers with powerful tools to track primary and secondary sales.

  • Fleet Management

    Your distribution model is the backbone of your eCommerce operations and that’s why we ensure that you have everything that keeps you on top of things. With our digital tools and applications, you can –

    • Track your vehicles with GPS
    • Set delivery routes and geofence them
    • Detect Fuel theft
    • Manage vehicle documentation
    • Immobilize vehicle engines in case of unauthorized use
    • Monitor driving behaviour
  • A Universal Payments

    We proved an integrated payment platform that enables retail businesses accept multiple modes of payment anywhere and through any device. Your customers can pay

    • At their doorsteps on delivery
    • Set delivery routes and geofence them
    • In store
    • Through the web or mobile store


An App based microlearning solution that helps to deliver bite-sized knowledge transfer sessions which includes training on soft skills, compliance training etc. in an ‘easy to digest’ format.

  • Library of Job aids
  • Equip teams to do their jobs better
  • Modules for instore sales, online customer service & delivery teams
  • Save time and money on training

Best Suited For

Apparel & Accessories
Home Décor

Streamline Your Online Channels & sell more with our fast & easy E-Commerce Solution!

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