Upkeep Factory Health with breakdown elimination, Keep your factory in ship shape - In Running Condition and Safe

The two M’s: Man & Machine, are the utmost important elements for manufacturing when it comes to productivity. Thus, unpredicted idle time on both elements can cause havoc in any industry. As both of these elements are linked to one another the best way is to prevent root causes from it being up and running. Ensuring that preventive maintenance activities are carried out in a timely and accurate manner is a critical step to minimize the breakdown and unexpected expenses upon breakdown.

GCR’s Digital Maintenance is a mobile app (Android/iOS) that digitize tasks involved in the Maintenance, Calibration and Inspection of machines in the production lines of a manufacturing unit. As tasks can be assign and alerts generated, tasks can be planned, executed, and attended in an organised manner. With an in-build escalation feature, auto alerts can be triggered in case of missed activity or event.

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Key Features

IoT Sensor based machine health parameters monitored in real-time

Stepwise task creation & assignment for Maintenance, Inspection & Calibration

Task management based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Electronic Logbooks & historic data

Shift Tasks & Shift Handover for team collaboration

Incident Management Escalation & SLA management

Integration with an existing system like ERP


Reduced breakdown incidents & save maintenance cost

Real-time alerts generated from factory machines

 Increased Efficiency & Productivity of machinery & manpower

Proper planning, scheduling & tracking saves time and resource

Process Standardization & Adherence to SOPs

Reports & Dashboards for an end to end analysis

The App can be used even in areas where network connectivity is not available

In any industry which has business-critical machines and field assets deployed e.g.

In any industry which has business-critical machines and field assets deployed e.g.

  • Chemical
  • Pharma
  • Automobile
  • Textile
  • Oil & gas
  • Telecommunication

Digitize the way you maintain the health of your assets. Improve Productivity

Field assets can be integrated with a solution using IoT sensors to monitor the critical parameters in real-time, thus ensuring any breakdown will automatically trigger a task to the responsible personnel. Assets can also be tagged using QR/Barcode as a pert of preventive maintenance activity. The schedule is also monitored through the App and generates ‘time for maintenance alerts’.

With simple asset code scan through the mobile app, the technician gets the complete historic records along with maintenance schedule and task sheet. The App can work in offline mode as well- where connectivity is a challenge. It automatically saves data on a user’s device and synchronizes with the server whenever the network becomes available. Checklists, PM/BM Jobs and Testing & Calibration activities are also covered. Get alerts via SMS, Email when there is breakdown or when a new task is created. Never miss out on any event and ensure your factory is up and running. 

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