SaaS-enabled Consumer Behaviour Analytics Solution enables retailers to optimize business with real-world science

Brick-&-mortar retailers today no longer compete on product, price, and availability alone. Providing a better shopping experience for customers is the key to increase more revenue & brand value. Shoppers in APAC are specific; they tend to visit physical stores much more often comparing to other regions due to the lifestyle and convenience of traffic development.

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Key Features

Traffic Counting & Conversion

Shopper Visit Duration & Frequency

Hot Zone & Shoppers Engagement

Shoppers Path

Promotion Analysis



Simply & Expedite Analytics

Staffing Optimization

Shoppers Engagement


Strategise Marketing & Store Operation

Real Scene Analysis & Panoramic View Analysis

Usage of GCR Consumer Behaviour Analytics Solution

Usage of GCR Consumer Behaviour Analytics Solution

  • Anticipating Customer Needs
  • Strategize Operations
  • Product Categorization
  • Inventory Level Management
  • Data Analyzation
  • Insights & Marketing Automation

The Quintessential SaaS-Enabled Consumer Behaviour Analytics

Enhanced Retail Solutions’ objective is to simplify and expedite the art of Retail Analytics, leading to greater sales, increased profit, & improved inventory productivity. Comprehensive Retail Analytics solution enables to convert complicated scientific data into easy-to-read visual reports with Real Scene Analysis and Panoramic View Analysis. Traditional guesswork on shoppers study stops here; efficient store operation & marketing strategies will be delivered together with the ultimate shopping experience to meet the true need of shoppers. The solution ensures shoppers delight.

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