How E-commerce is Changing Industries in the Times of COVID-19?

COVID has struck the world hard. Numerous industries have suffered massive losses. However, in the midst of the darkness, there is hope as well. Many companies have gone online, and digital, which was exercised as an exception earlier, is slowly becoming the new norm. E-commerce has especially seen a boom. While it was limited to […]

A 6-Pointer Guide To A Good Document Management System

Pandemic or not, the biggest pandemonium that an organization can face is the mismanagement of paperwork. From the various deeds and contracts to the recurring forms and subsequent documents, documents are an essential part of any organization. Not only should they be meticulously created, but they should also be stored and protected in the best […]

A Peep In to The World Of IoT!

The world of IoT, It all started with a computer being connected to the internet and configured to talk to another connected computer. As years passed by, researchers saw a possibility of introducing devices such as mobile phones to the internet and being able to communicate with fellow computers and phones. We aren’t just talking […]