Track your assets in real time even from remote location

Asset tracking conventionally means many things but in general it’s about effectively tracking your valuable assets whether they are placed within premises (small to huge) or on the go. We offer complete asset tracking solution that touch every aspects of the tracking requirement. Right form assets stationed at particular location within premise till the assets which are in transit, you can track real time location, and other validated parameters such as acceleration, shock, temperature, light, humidity etc.

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Key Features

Customise solution with right set of technologies

Multiple tracking parameters to choose from

Alarms and notification based on your business rules

Business intelligence and Analytics

Easy integration with existing systems

Mobile and Web console


Optimum asset utilisation, better ROI

Identify theft and misappropriate use in real time

Improved asset performance and reduce downtime

Ramp up the asset tracking without upfront capex investment

Improve productivity and operational efficiency

Increased inventory visibility


Supply Chain

In transit assets like shipments, Vehicle, offshore inventories counting


Assets located within the premises such as warehouse, factory floor, Inventories & Stock


Tracking of staff, students and expensive lab equipment


Cattle health monitoring and tracking


Linen tracking, inside premise tracking


Track instore and warehouse inventories

One stop solution for Asset tracking - Cutting Edge Technologies

The traditional barcode & QR code systems have become redundant due to insufficient data generation, which has become key in today’s fast churning fast decision-making arena. IoT sensor-based Asset tracking technologies are disrupting every industry segment. As it has proven its worth by significant improvement in the areas like optimum asset utilisation, productivity improvement and theft reduction, since inception there has been a continuous adaption of the technologies by organisations worldwide.

To put out our IoT offerings covers technologies such as RFID,BLE,GPS,NFC what’s more is solution can be customise and the data insight parameters to suit to business needs and problem that is being address. By using the existing infra and connectivity the entire game for the tracking and asset visibility can be changed in a cost effective way. With integration of existing CRM/ERP system, smart phone & web console enterprises never miss out on data points of business-critical assets

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