Cloud-based asset tracking solution

One view solution that provides integrated insights about every asset right from location, usage, service and maintenance schedules, AMC records, etc. It simply starts with tagging all the assets, automatically generate unique asset codes for each asset. Use Barcodes QR codes or RFID to scan & update asset related information even using smartphone in the cloud-based software.

Create task for maintenance, track ownership, and facilitates online requisition for the purchase of new assets. With just a simple scan of the tag attached to generate the entire historic logs of the asset, entire movement, maintenance ticket, schedule activities, and total lifetime expenses.

The solution comes out of the box with pre-built reports to monitor the status, condition, and location of the assets. With scheduled reporting structure and graphs, it becomes easy to stay up to date with records and operations.

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Key Features

Asset Tracking & management using code(RFID/QR/Barcode)

Maintenance Management via task scheduling

Incident reporting & Management

Purchase & Requisition across teams

Audits & Physical verification

Inventory Management for all assets at a single platform

IT Asset discovery on a single click

Roles & usage base Utility monitoring

Mobile Apps & Integration with existing systems


Track and manage remote assets in real-time

Easy to use single repository of all of the organisation’s assets

No more duplicate or ghost assets

Easy to conduct manual error-free asset audits

Reduce asset theft with utility tracking

Cost reduction with the streamlined purchase and increase upkeep of assets

Usages of Asset Management

Usages of Asset Management

  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Retail

Easy to use cloud base solution with enterprise-grade security

Over and above the plain inventory and asset tracking, the maintenance module helps you avoid unanticipated breakdowns, expensive repairs, and reduce unproductive employee idle-times. In the event of the breakdown trouble ticket raising and managing the event within stipulated SLAs becomes easier. Managing AMC and contracts of the lease and rented assets with a system generated alerts for payment and expiry dates, saves cost by avoiding late payment fees.

For the IT assets schedule automatic scans across your network and keep track of all changes and upgrades made to all your IT assets. The physical audits and verification become easy by simply scanning the tag and synchronizing the data in the software.

Overall, the solution manages entire asset lifecycle and provides an integrated view of each aspect related to assets thus inducing informed decision making resulting in huge saving and improved ROI.

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