A Peep In to The World Of IoT!

  • GCR
  • February 20, 2020

The world of IoT, It all started with a computer being connected to the internet and configured to talk to another connected computer. As years passed by, researchers saw a possibility of introducing devices such as mobile phones to the internet and being able to communicate with fellow computers and phones. We aren’t just talking about one or two kinds of devices that can communicate over the internet. Researchers, business leaders, technology enthusiasts are exploring the possibility of having any and many devices connected to the internet. This is the era of the internet of things (IoT), a world of connected devices!

IoT’s existence is primarily due to

  • Wide availability of internet access
  • Small Sensors
  • Cloud Computing Services

One might ask as to what’s the deal about connecting devices to the internet? Connecting devices to the internet help in producing data. The collected data when treated with artificial intelligence, machine learning models, blockchain etc. serves as actionable intelligence to drive key business decisions. IoT helps in enhancing businesses in numerous ways.

Benefits of IoT

  • Getting your devices to work smarter
  • Creating a more connected ecosystem
  • Improvement in operational efficiency
  • Enhancement of business productivity
  • Increase in customer loyalty and sales
  • Boosting customer experience

The change in the way business data is looked upon is driving many enterprises to get their devices IoT ready. This is the era of digital transformation! Many businesses have already geared up and are getting their devices to work smarter.

Making the IoT more intelligent with AI
In order to realize the full potential of IoT, it has to be combined with other advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence. As mentioned before, IoT helps in creating a large amount of data. However, this data becomes useful for businesses only when it is treated with machine learning models, artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, etc. The convergence of artificial intelligence and IoT (referred to as the artificial intelligence of things (A-IoT)) can create a whole list of advanced solutions promising an enhanced customer experience. The need for us to connect and enrich our lives is driving the need to make our devices connected too. Although many businesses are still debating whether to digitize or not, high customer expectations will push them to do so. This is the need that we are talking about! A world of IoT enabled devices and real-time business updates amidst changing customer needs!

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