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Global Channel Resources (GCR), first of its kind Partners Platform, aims to offer digital tools for business transformation through a vibrant and transparent ecosystem.

We at GCR collaborate with global Technology and Solution Providers who offer SaaS/IaaS connected digital solutions/IoT tools and cloud services to help each one to achieve accelerated business growth.

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GCR Launches the Elite “IoT PaaS[...]

This article touches upon the beginning of an altogether new era of[...]

GCR | March 11, 2020


GCR Exhibited @ IoT Show 2020 Bengaluru

GCR | February 15, 2020



10 Most Innovative IoT Solutions Providers 2019

GCR | November 13, 2019


A Peep In to The World[...]
GCR February 20, 2020

It all started with a computer being connected to the internet and[...]

How IoT enhancing customer experience
GCR February 18, 2020

The cellular technology innovation has changed the world over the previous decade.[...]

Transforming Learning Spaces
GCR February 10, 2020

For any society to progress, imparting education in the most effective way[...]

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